How to Grow an Avocado Plant from the seed


  1. Pointier side at the top. Cut your avocado in half and take a moment to remember which side of the pit is the pointier. Once in the glass, it’s going to be at the top and point upwards, the larger side at the bottom.
  2. Insert toothpicks. Rinse the pit and gently insert 3 toothpicks into it, with a slight angle upwards. If you want to skip this step, you need a bulb vase. These have a long narrow neck and make it easy to grow roots from bulbs or seeds.
  3. Place in a glass. Fill the glass with tap wateruntil the level covers half the avocado pit. Like an iceberg.
  4. Remember to change the water with fresh water once to twice a week. It’s important because water gets deoxygenated after a while.
Spectacular growth for my first avocado plant. Photos taken about 6 months apart. Photo:


  • The roots will grow from the larger side of the pit, at the bottom. A crack will form and expand from the bottom, along the side and then up. That’s normal, the roots will start to grow from within the crack.
  • You can peel off the dead dark skin when it becomes soft.
  • Timing-wise, my avocado took a good 2 months to produce leaves but growth depends on many factors. I started in the beginning of the winter, so the growth was slower than expected.
  • Once leaves are forming, it’s a good idea to prune to encourage horizontal growth, for a prettier look.
  • I loved growing my own avocado and I feel like everybody can do it. It was a really fun and rewarding project to see it grow almost everyday! Cherry on the cake, I’ve now got a free house plant. Jolly! 😀

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